EBIT (Extrusion-Blow Moulding-Injection Technology)

  Contact Person: Xavier Plantà |  xplanta@ascamm.com   EBIT: Extrusion-blow molding and injection technology that allows the manufacturing of hollow parts with complex geometry and integrated bindings.       Description of technology offer

EBIT (Injection molding Blow-molding Extrusion Technology) is an integrated multi-technology (extrusion blow molding and injection), allowing to manufacture in one step (process and tooling) complex plastic components, which normally would require at least three or more separate processes. EBIT manufacturing process is carried out in a blow-extrusion equipment (basic platform of the machine) and it is on this platform, where a satellite injection unit is attached. The closing force of the blow unit is what defines the amount of plastic that can be injected (maximum weight).

  New or innovative aspects

This new process allows the manufacture of complex geometry components with full traceability and reliability in a single manufacturing stage. Main results: 1) Three-dimensional production technology to manufacture hollow complex geometries with attachments and embedded connectors 2) Advanced manufacturing equipment that allows the development of new industrial projects and R & D activities. 3) Highly controlled and automated process by the main variables.

Technical characteristics

As a concrete example of the technology, EBIT machine developed at ASCAMM´s Laboratory is a 100 tons clamping force extrusion blow molding machine that can produce parts up to 10kg gross weight and has a satellite unit injection to inject up 10 grams (equivalent to an injector 100Tn).   Main advantages:  

  • Reduces dramatically the investment in tooling.  The standard process requires one mould for blowmolding, one tool for injection molding and one tool for the welding process.  With EBIT only one tool is necessary for all the operations. 
  • Reduces manufacturing costs as the time required for the 3 separate processes is considerably reduced by integrating them in one single step.
  • Reduces quality problems linked to faulty welding.
  • Reduces logistic costs and part reference management. 
  • EBIT is suitable for all kinds of plastic combinations: hard over soft, soft over hard and soft over soft, with different attachments: nipples, brackets or different arrangements in the same tool,

 Intellectual Property

Trademarks registered by Fundació Ascamm. Technology already licensed to the automotive sector.  
Additional information
EBIT received a special mention in the latest edition of the International Motor Show in Barcelona organized by the Society of Automotive Technicians (STA) within the category of production technologies, in recognition of the innovative content and industrial impact of the project.